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About TRaCS

Critical incidents and traumatic events are unpredictable and can happen at any time. Organizations can be confronted by a plethora of such unexpected critical incidents, including workplace crises, which can disrupt business operations and impact on the wellbeing of employees. An organization’s ability to overcome these crises depends very much on the robustness of the organizational structure, operational processes (including business continuity plans) and, more importantly, the resilience of its staff.

CGH TRaCS is dedicated to building individual and organizational resilience by improving workplace mental health and by managing the psychological impact of traumatic incidents. We believe that by improving an individual’s mental resistance and resilience to traumatic stress, we can contribute towards organizational resilience and business continuity. The TRaCS team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and managers who are trained and experienced in providing crisis intervention and mental health support and to assist organizations build resilience.