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Organisational Resiliency Courses

What are Critical Incidents? 

Critical incidents are unusually challenging events that can create significant human distress (psychological crisis) and overwhelm a person’s coping mechanism.  Critical incidents range from large scale disasters (e.g. fires, disease outbreaks, acts of terrorism) to financial crises to workplace incidents such as robberies, harassment and deaths of colleagues.  Individually, staff may suffer personal losses e.g. death of a loved one, health issues, family difficulties etc.  Critical incidents impact staff and can lead to critical incident/post traumatic stress symptoms, which, if not addressed, may lead to psychological disorders (e.g. anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and physical illnesses.  This will have a longer term impact on staff and the organisation.  Fortunately, the majority will recover, but without intervention, normal recovery may take a longer time.